Management Services

We offer everything related to property management.

Financial Management Services

  • Collect rents and maintain in a trust account
  • Make mortgage, insurance and tax payments
  • Pay vendor bills as needed for the operation of the property
  • Provide monthly statements from a computerized accounting system with a detailed breakdown so you can track the return of each unit
  • Prepare annual operations report and year end IRS Form 1099 with tax detail for your accountant

Tenant Management Services

  • Work consistently to keep units occupied
  • Keep rents at market prices to maximize occupancy income
  • Tenant screening, including a current credit check, review of rental history and references


  • Provide excellent, full time maintenance crew and cleaning services
  • Complete yard care services available
  • Regular inspection of properties
  • Preventative maintenance to keep property in good condition


Preferred Northwest Property Management, Springfield, Oregon


"Working with Heather has made my life so much easier. She has a complete crew of repairmen who can handle routine maintenance on my properties, and she has the contacts to hire the right professionals when larger problems need to be addressed. She also completely handles finding the right tenant and does all screenings and placement. She earns every penny she charges!"

- Barbara Bernadette

Is it time to hire a property manager?

Preferred Northwest Property Management, Springfield, Oregon